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Fast to implement, customisable and easy to use, Verteda POS solutions enable you to speed up transactions, improve accuracy and deliver an outstanding customer experience.




Verteda's POS system enables you to process transactions and deliver great customer service in even the most demanding high-volume environments, without any loss of quality and performance at the point of sale. Delivering high performance and high availability, plus feature-rich tools to increase productivity and seamless links to other systems for inventory and procurement, stock control, CRM and more, Verteda's POS system means you can align all POS activity with customer-facing service requirements, venue specifics and industry best practice. Systems can also feature real-time stock control for strong links between POS and inventory & procurement: an agile, highly focused approach with all the functionality you need.

Responsive, reliable and powerful: world-class capabilities at the Point of Sale

Verteda uses InfoGenesis™ POS software from Agilysys, Inc. to deliver the most advanced POS solutions. This award-winning software is specifically designed to serve guests more effectively while enhancing your efficiency and profitability. Verteda solutions are also available via flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery: using reliable Internet connections to deliver essential functionality to venues and outlets via centralised servers at a secure data centre.

Verteda POS is trusted by:

Key Features

  • Easy to set up and maintain, with consistent terminal configuration, pricing and screen setup
  • Staff trained quickly and easily
  • Real-time reporting: review spending patterns, capitalise on revenue opportunities, cut costs, plan smarter
  • Scalable architecture: add more terminals and workstations without building-out costly infrastructure
  • Integrates seamlessly with other applications
  • Offline capabilities so a terminal can continue working during server/network outages
  • 24/7, 365 days a year and remote access support

We are extremely pleased to use Verteda solutions at the UK National Stadium, as they deliver great results with operational control and customer experience levels both increasing beyond expectations. Verteda delivers market-leading technology: a fantastic foundation to build upon.

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Complementary products and modules

All of solutions are fully integrated and in each sector we work with key partners to provide integrated solutions to ensure you have a holistic approach to your hospitality solutions, giving you the competitive edge for your business.

Inventory & Procurement

Reduce food and labour costs – increase productivity and efficiency.

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Workforce Management

Improve efficiency and productivity while controlling and reducing labour costs

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Payment Solutions

Give your customers more choice – and support more flexible and secure transactions

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Dining Solutions

Optimise restaurant management - delight your guests and maximise profitability

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