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Analytics & Business Intelligence

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Fact-based decisions to streamline processes and increase revenue opportunities. A cost-effective solution to query data and build valuable reports instantly: the latest views of your business with no need for complex IT interaction.

Obtain a 360 view of your venue operations and customers. Use Business Intelligence from Verteda to drive fact-based decision making to reduce operational costs and wastage, improve service and save time - freeing your staff to deliver what matters – an outstanding customer experience. 

Query your venue data and build valuable insights instantly using natural language search: users ‘report as they think’ to obtain the latest views of your business with no need for complex IT interaction.

Staying successful requires exceptional awareness and visibility of your business. Real-time business intelligence from Verteda exceeds traditional reporting capabilities by delivering dynamic, audience specific information as events happen. Retrospectively report on your business day or event, or watch live; making business decisions on-the-fly to directly impact operational savings or improve customer experience.

Business Intelligence from Verteda enables you to report across data from multiple systems and vendors giving a ‘single view of the truth’, using our solution to converge data from both dynamic and static systems ensures holistic fact-based decision making.

Fast, flexible, visible:

Dashboards and reports are delivered via a web-browser, making access to real-time reporting as simple as having an available internet connection.  As the Business Intelligence solution queries data directly using natural language search technology, network overload is avoided and system performance uncompromised.

Use out of the box features to build reporting packs – saving time on reporting across sponsors and partners, and end of period reporting for Directors. Frequently accessed reports are available to run on a schedule – and our Business Intelligence tool also supports the setting up of alerting and thresholds to inform management of over / underperforming business areas.

Verteda Business Intelligence is trusted by:

Analytics & Business Intelligence
Key Features

  • Rapid deployment: installation and full system training in less than one working week.
  • Hospitality specific project support and requirements discovery.
  • Data discovery is simple and intuitive – using natural language search and drill-down capability.
  • Build easy-to-comprehend visualisations to covey complex business data simply.
  • Draw parallels, visualise trends and establish correlations across different data sources.
  • Solutions are big data ready; high data volumes, real-time and high query demands.
  • Integrates with all major databases and data sources both dynamic and static.
  • Easy configuration to ensure data security and governance.
  • View data using a desktop web browser or smartphones and tablets.
  • Install on-premises or via SaaS (Software as a Service) 24/7, 365 days a year and remote access support.

By pulling data from our Access Control system into the Verteda Business Intelligence tool, we can see which fans regularly turn up late for games. When we pull in their season ticket data, we see their date of birth. Within no time we delivered an "Early-bird" promotion to fans with birthdays on the next home game which increased revenue as their dwell time was longer.

Southampton FC

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