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Hotels and Resorts

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Personalise the guest experience, build loyalty and increase spend: from attracting guests to optimising back-office operations

Verteda solutions integrate multiple functions across the breadth of hotel and resort operations - enabling you to make more timely and informed decisions to run a more effective business, from food and beverage and hospitality activity to overall hotel management. We help you to reveal and profit from new revenue sources based on more streamlined operations, the ability to personalise the guest experience and deliver outstanding service.


Enhance day-to-day operations, deliver improved guest service and build sustainable business value

Fully integrated solutions across multiple activities to enhance the guest experience and increase revenue

Improve operational efficiency and streamline processes – from point of sale and mobile POS to stock control, inventory, dining and reservations, workforce management, business intelligence and more.

Increase customer loyalty and deliver exceptional service every time – to increase guest spend, target promotions, drive repeat business, and help improve occupancy/room rates.

Verteda solutions for Hotels and Resorts

Verteda solutions give us precisely what we need for operational efficiency and to deliver great guest service, from dining and reservations to the point of sale and mobile POS.

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