COVID-19 Customer Information Update

18 March 2020


Our Head Office in Warrington is now closed until further notice.


Our most important asset without which we would struggle to maintain the highest levels of service to you are now all home based. This extends not just to help desk and technical support team members, but everyone from Sales through to Accounts, Development and Facilities. Cloud service operations, which have been in place for some time, allow for the support of your systems from a remote location. All phone calls, video calls and connections can be made by all staff via their devices and combined, forms part of the comprehensive business continuity programme.

Sales and Account Managers familiar to you will be reaching out to you in due course to discuss your own plans over the coming weeks to ensure we align to your needs.


We remain ready to continue to provide to you the highest levels of service and wish to convey and reassure our entire client base. We are also well aware of the challenges that you, our customers are facing right now and therefore emphasise that we are here to help, and our state of readiness is good. Our service allows for sustained support should issues arise and ensures that resources are available should individuals fall ill.

While at Verteda we put our staff’s safety and welfare at the forefront, we wish to do the same for you, our customer. This may mean going forward that we will be conducting more customer meetings and field bookings remotely as well as leveraging video conferencing more than ever before to stay close to our customers.

These changes have been made for the long term and Verteda will continue to update our customers as required through direct communication, email or social channels.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Verteda team.